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This is a story of worlds that lie hidden between the apple and the eye.


It is a book of rare beauty and deeply felt understanding for nature and the changing seasons in a growing garden.


The garden of enchantment is not a fairy-tale garden, but a very real garden - with flowers and insects, robins and crows, and a favorite apple tree. Seasons visit the garden, one by one. Spring gently wakens the earth. Returning robbins nest as apples begin to blossom. Grandfather carefully tends his garden, with young Betsy happily following along behind. Summer's fruit and flowers grow and ripen. Golden days of autumn, delicious apple-picking days, are followed by rain-dark skies and, once again, winter storms.


Throughout the changing seasons, Grandfather's gentle spirit and wisdom touch the garden, making it a place of magic and enchantment.

A Child's Enchanted Garden

  • Product details

    • Hardcover: 40 Pages

    • Publisher: Tudor House Press, Victoria

    • Language: English

    • ISBN: 0969385234

    • Book Size: 160 x 300 mm

    • Publication Year: 2001

  • Awards

    • DIY, New York, best children's book, best illustrations
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