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This is a story of a brave puppy whose delight in life contributes to his own healing.


It is a tale of going to the hospital to get well, and also a tale of friendship and its power to heal. It is a longing for community – doctors, nurses, friends and family – all working together to help their patient.


This story will touch your heart and brighten your spirit. The gentle images will evoke dreams of childhood and a time of trust and protection.


Author’s Notes:  This is the story of my own sick puppy, the center of a small circle of concern and affection. Friends, doctors, and nurses do their best to help and, in the end, Patch does recover – in part because of his own sweet and brave nature.


His small patched heart fills with happiness, then overflows with kindness and caring for others. He and his best friend Mossy become therapy dogs.


Their small world is by nature part of a larger community. It is said that one butterfly’s wing beat can affect the air currents of the world. Thus it must be certain that the wagging of one dog’s tail in some way touches the life of a community.

The Patched Heart

  • Product details

    • Hardcover: 32 Pages

    • Publisher: Tudor House Press, Victoria

    • Language: English

    • ISBN: 9780969385257

    • Book Size: 9 x11 in. / 220 x 285 mm

    • Printed: 2007, Friesens Corporation

  • Awards

    • Mom's Choice Award
    • finalist, Best Books, USA Book News
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