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Most children have had a doll or teddy bear which once was their dearest friend and most precious possession. Elizabeth was such a doll – but not just for one child. She was loved by many little girls over several generations. Many times she was packed away in a box, but always she was eventually taken out and given to another child.


Elizabeth was a porcelain doll made in Germany and first given to my great grandmother in 1852. Today she belongs to our youngest daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, who was given the doll with this now faded note:


“Dear Elizabeth,

I was given to your great great grandmother when she was a small child, so please handle me with care for I begin to feel my age. She named me Elizabeth.”


The doll is old and fragile. She has had many adventures, one which changed her. Elizabeth is now not only old, but very wise.


The story of the porcelain doll is part of the life of Helen Stewart. Into the tale are woven memories, dreams and images, especially of her children and grandmother.




The Porcelain Doll

  • Product details

    • Hardcover: 32 Pages

    • Publisher: Tudor House Press, Victoria

    • Language: English

    • ISBN: 0969385218

    • Book Size: 9 x 11 in. / 225 x 285 mm

    • Printed: 1990, Friesens Corporation

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