This month's featured painting: Christmas carolling

I'm offering the first of my original watercolour paintings for sale in my online shop. This unique piece is an illustration from my first book Christmas Snowflake.


Little folk gathering to sing carols, reminiscent of our Mennonite farm neighbours gathering in deep snow outside of our window, their beautiful voices filling the cold and dark night with carols, creating a warm and wondrous memory.

Chistmas Snowflake


A gentle, old-fashioned Christmas tale, beautifully illustrated. This story of a young girl's wish for snow becomes a magical adventure into a mysterious and snowy land. In a heart-warming conclusion, Katie is given a gift more special than the gentle world of falling snowflakes.


"Then Katie heard a sound of singing in the distance.  Another group of little folk appeared, trudging across the snow, their tiny lanterns glowing.


Like winter fireflies drawn to the light of the house, they gathered about the door and began to sing “Silent Night’.  The room inside grew very still, the audience attentive.  Katie had a tingling feeling inside.  Even after the carol ended, she could hear a song of crystal bells, a lullaby, floating through the night as gently as the snowflakes.” 

Helen Stewart

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