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This month featured prints: Butterflies and Moth

A one of a kind intaglio print, a piece from one of my favourite new book pages. I like carefully observing my garden over a season. In this case, watching the insects as they appear, one by one.

This is a smaller piece, but with a special luminous quality. It is the only artist's proof available. It was made from 2 plates, a combination of mezzotint, drypoint, flat bite, & aquatint.


A perfect gift for a special friend.



This is a one of a kind intaglio print from my new book My Garden, Beauty Above, Wonders Below. I was able to watch these lovely eggs as the babies hatched, and then see them grow and fledge. Every time a miracle.

The print was made from 2 plates, a combination of mezzotint, drypoint, flat bite, & aquatint.


March 2023 featured print: Birds in Tree

Birds on Tree


A unique intaglio print (1/1) created for my earlier book, A Child’s Enchanted Garden.

I am ever grateful for the beautiful old Garry oaks growing in my garden. From my kitchen window, I am able to

watch the birds coming and going among the branches, ever cheerful and uplifting.


December 2022 featured painting: Joy

Happiness for a puppy is a joyful leap into fresh, soft snow.

As falling rains of summer fill the air with sweetness,

so, too, a puppy’s happiness may fill your heart with joy.


A joy that can not be contained is a precious gift.

Do not mistake its value.


I'm offering one of my original watercolour paintings. This unique piece is an illustration I did for my perpetual calendar, A Beardie Book of Days.


November 2022 featured prints: Small Sheep and Winter's Night

Small Sheep is a mezzotint print. The beautiful texture is created by using a special rocker, worked back and forth across the plate in order to create this rough background. Lighter areas are scrapped away, giving the soft feel of the sheep's wool.

This is an artist's proof, and the only one available. A perfect Christmas gift for a special friend.


Winter's Night reminds me of our northern sheep farm, the mystical feel on a quiet moonlit night.

The image is reminiscent of Samual Palmer, one of my favourite artists.


The print was made from 2 plates, a combination of mezzotint, drypoint, flat bite, & aquatint.


April 2022 featured print: Reflections

I like looking at the moon, especially on misty or partly cloudy nights, and more especially, through the branches of oak trees. The most magical is a full moon as seen through fine falling snow, creating a snowbow of delicate colour. 


This intaglio print is made from two copper plates – one drypoint and one aquatint. It is printed on chine (Japanese paper) pressed onto German Etching paper.


April 2021 featured print: Little lamb who made thee?

This image was made long ago in springtime on our northern sheep farm.  Days becoming warmer and brighter, grass greening, and baby lambs frolicking in the sunshine, very joyful after a long winter.


February 2021 featured painting: The Joy of Beardie Puppies at Play

I love drawing my beardie puppies.  One or another appears in most of my books.  Two are the main characters in my children’s book The Patched Heart.

And my perpetual calendar, A Beardie Book of Days, is filled with puppy images.  This particular image of beardies sledding in the snow was done for that calendar.


December 2020 featured painting: Christmas carolling

I'm offering the first of my original watercolour paintings for sale in my online shop. This unique piece is an illustration from my first book Christmas Snowflake.


Little folk gathering to sing carols, reminiscent of our Mennonite farm neighbours gathering in deep snow outside of our window, their beautiful voices filling the cold and dark night with carols, creating a warm and wondrous memory.

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